Wall, 2021, Toni Areal, Zurich CH

"Wall" video documentation
"Wall" video documentation

Installation view: “Not what it seems, nor otherwise”, Zurich, CH, 2020

2-channel HD video-installation
2 projectores, 4 speakers
23:00 min

Sound in collaboration with Giulia Hess

The installation Wall consists of two video projections covering exactly two walls of the room. The viewer is confronted with the sudden effect of contracting and expanding movements of the walls synchronised with the sound of breathing. The impression of the wall motions occurs through the multiple overlaying of the same image of one of the walls. The accompanying sound was developed from the noise produced by incoming and outgoing air from the ventilation system of the room. In this project, we investigate an empty institutional space and explore our day-to-day perception of it. This work is a part of a bigger group project. Four artists, Mercedes Borgunska, Martina Kaufmann, Giulia Hess and myself, were interacting with an empty space at the University of the Arts in Zurich during a few weeks. We developed a series of installations called Floor, Ceiling, Lighting, Wall, Column, Corner, and Window. All of the audio and video materials we used in the installations originate from the room itself.