For Sale. Tap water occasionally. 2014-2020, 48.468889, 38.816667, 2020, Milano IT

Elena corvaglia's work "For sale. Tap water occasionally", 2020,-Milano, Istituto Svizzero
Elena corvaglia's work "for sale.tap water occasionally", 2020,-milano, istituto svizzero

Exhibition view: “Toujours”, Istituto Svizzero Milano, IT, 2020

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Single-channel video, 4:29 min.
Screen on the roof of the building,
size: 2080 x 16960 x 180 mm
9 slides

Elena Corvaglia projects in her work For sale. Tap water occasionally. 2014-2020, 48.468889, 38.816667 private and quite normal, everyday spaces onto the large screen. Private spaces, however, that are already public in a certain sense, as the artist works with image material that she found on real estate portals from her homeland, eastern Ukraine, which is occupied by pro-Russian separatists. The intimate glimpses of foreign bathrooms or unmade bedrooms seem alienating, almost discomforting on the large screen. They irritate us with the omnipresent plastic buckets and other containers. Elena Corvaglia thus points to a problem of her war-damaged homeland: in many houses, the water supply functions only inadequately, and people have to store water reserves in plastic buckets.

Gioia Dal Molin