Blanket, 2019

Installation view: “Vanishing Relations” ZHDK, Zurich, CH, 2019

Old fabrics from my childhood, threads in black red and white colours, needles, cardboard
200 x 200 cm

In collaboration with Tamara Ruzhynska

This unfinished blanket has been made in collaboration with my mother, from old fabrics, which she used to tailor dresses for me and my sister during our childhood. Patchwork or quilt is considered as traditional women’s work around the world and is categorised under domestic crafts. This project is not the product of a result-oriented process but a dialog between me and my mother. Both of us are aware of the Soviet origin of the fabrics we have used and the personal memories embedded in them. During the process, we had time to reflect on the current situation in our homeland, Ukraine, and share two rather different views on it.